Chaney Monge School

Please contact Mrs. Kosek at 815-722-6673 for homeless program information.

About Chaney Monge

The Mission Of Chaney Monge School District #88

"To Educate All Students To Become Life-Long Learners Through A Cooperative Effort Of The School And/Community."

Thus We Believe That:

  • Education must keep pace with technology.
  • The school should be adequately staffed.
  • The school must maintain a clean environment.
  • We must continue to address the financial needs of the district so that we may update the curriculum to meet the demands of the future.
  • Students should have a strong foundation in basic skills.
  • Discipline is necessary for an effective educational atmosphere.
  • Community and parent involvement is essential for student success.
  • Every child should have an equal opportunity to be educated to the best of the individual's ability.
  • Children should be able to learn in a positive, safe and non-threatening environment.
  • All talents should be encouraged and developed.
  • There should be periodic evaluations of the total school program.
  • The school must provide for the social emotional, physical and moral needs of students as their world changes.
  • The school should provide experiences that emphasize basic life skills.
  • Educational programs should meet the demands of the 21st Century and the diverse needs of our changing population in the area of fine arts, trades, economics, foreign language.
  • The school community should invoke educational programs that tap the individual learning styles and talents of a diverse student population.

The Goals of Chaney Monge School District 88 are:

Critical Issues & Obstacles That need to be Addressed:

  • To develop reliable and adequate sources of revenue.
  • To identify the various publics and link them with our school.
  • To develop a well-rounded curriculum which meets the needs of all students.
  • To develop a technology curriculum which prepares our students for the future.
  • To develop the public's awareness of the fundamental link between excellent schools, the general quality of life, property values and social characteristics of the community.
    • The growth of Special and Remedial Education programs
    • Adequate Funding
    • Increasing joint efforts between parents and staff members for student success
    • Music and Fine Arts
    • Technology
    • Finding new members for the CMPAA, PTO, Band and School activities